New Florame Organic Range for Eco Travellers

florame-travel-pack.jpgSince the whole travel security scare people like to moan about having to carry their liquids in amounts of 100mls or less. Personally, I love it; it means I get to buy little dinky packs of travel goodies almost every time I travel.

I’ve never been one for carting around family-pack sized cartons of shampoo and conditioner. Many moons ago I used camera film containers for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel (one of the best travel tips I ever learned) which would always last for a few days but never much longer, so when 100ml bottles came out I was like a kid in a candy store. And now, because travel is becoming more environmentally-friendly so too are our toileteries.

Florame, one of France’s leading organic skin care companies have introduced the Organic Travel Kit for eco-savvy travellers. The see-through pack is perfect for security checks and consists of three 50ml bottles of organic skin and hair-care products – Organic Sweet & Mild Shampoo, Rosewood Organic Body Lotion and Citrus Fruits Organic Shower Gel – so you’ll be sure to look and smell as fresh as a daisy no matter where you go.

Florame only uses plants and plant extracts which are grown during their natural season and ensures that each meets the high standards of EcoCert, the world’s leading organic certification body, and carries the EcoCert’s Cosmebio logo which guarantees that:

  • the products are not tested on animals
  • they are produced without the use of any raw petrochemical materials
  • a minimum of 95% of all ingredients used are natural or of natural origin
  • a minimum of 95% of the vegetable/plant ingredients used are organic
  • the products do not contain synthetic colouring agents or synthetic fragrances
  • they do not contain ethoxylated emulsifiers or parabens

Florame and Fair Trade

As well as producing fab stuff so we can pamper ourselves silly, Florame are a dedicated fair trade organisation and have strong links with Madagascar where they work closely with the government to help fund schools and provide irrigation systems for rural farming communities.

Buy the Organic Travel Kit here for £11.99 or stock up on individual items for just £3.65 per bottle. They don’t seem to have it on the US site yet but it may be coming your way soon.