Ecotourism News 7 Feb 08

The Indonesia Logue has reported on some new ecotourism developments in the southern Asian region.

  • In Central Sulawesi, Lore Lindu National Park, a protected rainforest rich in flora and fauna, is being promoted as part of a drive to attract eco travellers to the area.
  • And in Sebangau National Park, Central Kalimantan, 106 bird species in an area covering the 568,700-hectares is drawing twitchers and their binoculars from around the globe.

Outside the BootsNall Travel Network, Earth News reports tourism as a leading cause of environmental degradation in some parts of the country so are looking at implementing ecotourism practices which will eventually benefit the economy and environment.

Eco Travel News cites a Reuters report on whether climate tourists to Antarctica are doing the environment more harm than good.

And the global journal of practical ecotourism,, is calling for submissions and nominations for 2008’s Ecotourism Spotlight Award, which is open to government websites promoting ecotourism and responsible travel.