New Eco Search Engine is Dedicated to Saving Environment

EcoSearch, a new not-for-profit search engine dedicated to saving the environment has just been launched. Used in the same way as any other search engine, EcoSearch donates 100% of its profits from ad revenue to non-profit organisations focusing on environmental issues.

In addition, web users who find it difficult to use anything but Google as a search engine will be happy in the knowledge that all search results are directed straight from Google themselves, it’s just that now, with every search, you’ll be doing something for the environment. How easy is that?

“The potential donation amounts are staggering,” explains David Krasnow, Executive Director of EcoSearch. “If the average person searches twice a day, EcoSearch will be able to donate approximately $15,000,000 each and every year for every million users worldwide.” Google pays billions of dollars to advertising partners every year; EcoSearch was built as a way to redirect some of those funds out of big companies’ pockets and towards the environment.”

I calculated that if I entered only 40 searches a day, which in my job is highly likely, I could generate $306.60 towards an environmental charity. That works out to around $80,000 a year (based on a five-day working week) – not bad going for sitting on my backside.

Donations have already been made to Heal the Bay, Sierra Club, National Resource Defence Council, TreePeople and Rainforest Alliance.

Using EcoSearch means other worthy charities and organisations will eventually benefit, too, as users searches and information generated will be studied to identify future donating bodies. And, to ensure the amounts donated are optimized, all founders of the company work on a voluntary basis.

Let’s just hope Google doesn’t decide to pull its support from underneath them like it did a few other eco-minded search engine start-ups.

>>> More info about EcoSearch.