Women More Inclined to Book Eco Trips Than Men

A recent study by eco-friendly travel company Responsible Travel claims that “women care more about the environment and social impact of their holiday decisions than men”.

The study revealed over two thirds (67%) of people who booked one of Responsible Travel’s ethical holidays online were women. Of the women who booked, roughly one third (37%) booked to travel alone, highlighting the increase in independent and small group travel; a further 45% booked a holiday for two. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that women are necessarily more environmentally-savvy than men when it comes to travel, it may be just because they’re normally the ones who organise vacations.

Jane Burton of London booked a solo trip to Cuba through Responsible Travel in November 2007. “I wanted to go away on my own but I didn’t want to lie on a beach for a week and stay at an all-inclusive resort. I wanted to know that my holiday would benefit local people as much as possible and that in the process, I would learn about the real Cuba.

“The cycling trip I took was terrific. We stayed two nights in casa particulares (homestays with local people) which offered a unique insight into Cuban lives. Also, one of our guides was Cuban – he had some incredible stories to tell – and cycling everywhere meant we could visit places that were well off the beaten track. I never thought that going on holiday on your own could be so much fun. I met a brilliant bunch of people from all different walks of life and everyday was an adventure. I have such fond memories of my holiday.”

Co-founder of Responsible Travel, Justin Francis, gives his ten cents worth on the trend: “It’s long been recognised that women wear the trousers when it comes to holiday decisions but this shows a real concern to choose ethical travel over mass tourism. All consumers should be encouraged to ask plenty of questions of their holiday provider when booking a holiday.”

Who organises your vacations?