10 Carbon Offsetting Strategies That Won’t Cost The Earth

If you’re keen on offsetting carbon emissions then you must be pretty concerned about the environment, but did you know there are other things you can do to compensate for your dirty carbon collecting habit without having to fork out anything to carbon offsetting companies? Yes, that’s right, you can offset your own emissions, your way.

Stop eating baked beans for a day

Controversial, but you never know, if there was a global Ban Baked Beans for a Day’ campaign the effect of having less methane produced could result in an overwhelming reduction on carbon emissions world wide. As it stands, with 6.6 billion people on the planet, all of whom are prone to the odd moment of gaseous release, put cows and their methane producing ways to shame.

Take up hang gliding

The greener alternative to flying and no need to worry about leg room, screaming babies or grumpy stewards. Not sure how far it will get you though.

Buy a tent

It sure will save on accommodation costs and is the easiest way to be at one with nature when travelling. If you’re already a camping convert, go one step further and build your camping abode with recycled materials. Myhab festival tents are great example of what you can build with cardboard.

Do a whip-round for deforestation

Get your mates to flash the cash every now and again buy doing a whip-round down the local pub and buy a few acres of rainforest together; it costs just £25 to buy half an acre, or 2,000 square metres. By stopping logging of certain areas you and your band of merry locals will be doing your bit by getting right to the root of the problem.

Get the kids to do it

Set up a carbon offsetting scheme through your local school or college. Students, especially the younger ones, love to be involved in tree planting events. Award prizes to the group that comes up with the best small-scale idea.

Care in the community

Implement a community carbon offsetting project at the next residence meeting. You’ll be surprised how many ideas will be generated closer to home.

All about you

If you’re not the community lovin’ type, why not just plant a tree of your own choosing in your garden to compensate for any emissions you’ve accumulated when travelling. No garden? No worries; investigate an area that appeals to you and see if you can do something about regeneration/reforestation in that area.

Kick the palm oil habit

Millions of trees are felled every year to sate the world’s appetite for palm oil, which is found in more products than you’ll ever imagine; soap, toothpaste, bread, chocolate, cosmetics, to name just a few. There is massive destruction in Indonesia and Malaysia but because the world demands the palm oil, the trees fall, and they’re not the only casualties. Orangutans are native to that area alone and it’s said they will be extinct in the next 12 years if deforestation of the zone is not reduced, or stopped. Go organic and check your products for palm oil.

Support small companies

Support small companies around the world that work hard to produce sustainable wood and boycott wood that’s knowingly sourced from a deforested area.

Live more sustainably

Obvious, but easy, and it costs nothing at all.