Africa’s People & Cultures

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Yes, while we tend to think of Africa as a great big wildlife park… people live there, too. That’s today’s Geography Awareness Week topic.

The earliest humans evolved in Africa, so it has a human history going back over a million years. Over all those years, cultures have diversified. More than 2,000 languages are spoken on the continent. Art, music and religion vary from place to place. Colonization and globalization added foreign humans and ideas into the mix. Sometimes diversity brings adversity, as cultures clash. But often the mixture enriches.

You can explore some of that diversity online…
Go to Africa Photoscope, by PBS, for a series of five photo-essays about current challenges facing Africa’s people, from AIDS to urbanization.
Go to The Univ. of Wisconsin’s online library of African images and sounds. I couldn’t get the sound to work on my Mac, but maybe you’ll have better luck.
Go to the BBC for “The Story of Africa,” a comprehensive introduction to Africa’s history and its people.
And here you can check out African music and dance. This site uses YouTube video, which should work for everyone.
Pictures via the Peace Corps.