Drive Green (And Safe) for the Holiday


Okay, so you’re packing up your car for a road trip, what can you do to make the trip a green one?

First of all, drive a high-mileage vehicle. But even more important, in my own opinion, is to buy one car and keep it as long as you can. It’s not only tailpipe emissions that affect the environment, it’s all the materials and manufacturing and energy that go into building these massive products. Buying in to the concept that you need a new car every two years or so, that’s not doing our planet any good either, even if you increase the mpgs.

Second, give a ride to a friend. Adding one person automatically doubles your mileage-per-person rate, add one more and triple it!

Be sure your tires are properly inflated, this will not only save on gas but it’s safer.

And bottom line, drive safely. Here in the US at least, the roads are pretty dangerous. In the U.S., about 20 million people are hurt and over 40,000 are killed on the roads every year — for people age 4 to 34, it’s the leading cause of death — so safety deserves some of your attention. When I was in college, I worked for FedEx, and we had to pass a special safety course and get extra coaching a couple of times a year. It opened my eyes to how lame most driver training is, and how bad most drivers are. So drive defensively! Pay attention, buckle your safety belt, and drive stone sober.

And have a great trip! Don’t forget to look out the window and enjoy the view.

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