Earth Day Reminder: It’s Easy to Travel Green

To anyone who’s predisposed to think about their impact on the environment, Earth Day is every day. Still, when the official Earth Day rolls around each year it’s a good opportunity to remind everyone else that being environmentally conscious doesn’t have to cramp your style.

Of course, there are plenty of ways that traveling leaves a pretty big footprint on the environment – and most of us who love to travel also aren’t willing to give it up completely. Traveling and seeing the world can increase one’s awareness of environmental issues and commitment to making environmental choices, so travel can be a positive for the planet as well. Thankfully, there are ways to lessen our environmental impact when we travel.

It’s easy to learn how to travel greener, especially when so many of the tips can be easily incorporated into your travel lifestyle. In fact, many of the tips are things many travelers do anyway because they enhance the travel experience. Traveling more slowly, for instance, or packing lighter, buying local products, and taking the train.

Some trips do require specialty gear, however, and buying new gear is a potential stumbling block if you’re trying to stay green. Eco-friendly travel gear is more common these days, however, so it’s getting easier to find bags made from recycled soda bottles or clothing made from stuff that’s sustainable. And of course, another great way to be environmental when you’re acquiring gear is to pick up someone else’s cast-offs – there are so many resources for getting refurbished gear or even gear that’s just in great shape without requiring refurbishing. The bonus is that this method also saves you money.

Being sensitive to the environment can be challenging if you still want to travel the world, but it doesn’t have to keep you from getting out there. With a beginner’s guide to green travel you can confidently travel the world and take care of it at the same time.

photo by Christian Haugen