Eco-friendly Tents

When it comes to buying stuff, making the greenest choice can sometimes be a stumper. Paper or plastic? is the classic example. All things considered, it tends to be a wash (best choice — bring your own, or go bag-free).

For travelers, it can be even more confusing. And while we might try to go green, if it’s going to cost us too much in dollars or in weight, we might have to — that scary word — compromise.

Grist Magazine’s “Ask Umbra” took a look at eco-friendly tents recently, and came up with a few options, but… “if you’re looking for lightweight, compact models in a natural fiber: well, you’re outta luck,” she says. She does offer some insights, though, about choosing eco-friendly materials.

Plenty of tent reviews can be found online, but we didn’t find any that counted eco-friendliness among their criteria. (Check out ConsumerSearch for reviews of the reviewers.)

Here at the EcoTravelLogue, I’ll be keeping an eye out for eco-friendly travel gear. If you find any, let me know!