Eco Travel Guide on BootsnAll Traveler’s Toolkit

Even the most savvy traveler was once a travel newbie, making mistakes and getting into cultural blunders on the road. And while you’re bound to make your own mistakes as you go, there’s no sense in repeating the same ones as everyone else when you can be creative and make your own unique missteps! So to help keep you from making the same rookie mistakes everyone else makes, BootsnAll has relaunched its Traveler’s Toolkit. It’s chock-full of excellent tips and information to make your trip more comfortable, more fun, more interesting, and less confusing. And, of special note to Eco Travel Logue readers, there’s an Eco Travel Guide included in the Toolkit.

The helpful articles included in the Ecotourism Guide have been written by real travelers who have great tips to share. From the brief explanation of what ecovillages are and why they can be a great option for eco (and budget) travelers, to tips for conserving energy when traveling in Europe, to some overall considerations for the ecotourist about things like where to go, how green is green, and whether it’s better to do an individual or group trip. For newcomers to ecotravel, there’s even a basic article that attempts to answer the question – what is eco travel and responsible tourism?

There’s a lot more great information in the Traveler’s Toolkit, whether it’s ecotravel related or not, so have some fun clicking around and see what new tips you can pick up from the articles. And if you’ve got a tip or two to share, you can always contribute your own article as well!