Go Green Travel Green Blog is Ecotourism Logue Favourite

One of Ecotourism Logue’s favourite green sites of the moment is Go Green Travel Green. The articles are punchy, witty and informative and make people question their travelling habits.

The website recently featured a green travel series starting with 31 Reasons to Travel Green: In Pictures, a disturbing yet motivating post on why it’s good to go green. As the old saying goes, ‘sometimes pictures speak louder than words’.

Another great post by the Go Green Travel Green team is Shades of Green Travel. This personality tests of sorts divides travellers into various categories depending on how green they travel and live. Which shade are you?

Photo Opportunity for Ecotourism Logue Readers

If you have any photos from your travels that you’d like to share with us, send your images to: eco [at] logueit [dot] com, along with a few sentences on where it was taken and why you like it. If it cuts the mustard we’ll feature it here on the website for all to see.

Photo Credit: Polar bear on melted ice near Barents Island, Norway. © Arne Naevra