Green Wedding Ideas

weddings.jpgThe amount spent on weddings is spiralling out of control and the extravagance involved sometimes borders on the ridiculous so many brides- and bridegrooms-to-be who are concerned about the waste accrued are looking for more responsible and ethical options. This doesn’t only include where they decide to have the ceremony and reception but also how they decide to do it. Going green on your big day says something about you both, and what a better way to make a statement about how you plan to lead your lives together than on the day you become man and wife?

Many couples realize in the planning stages that they don’t need to have all the trimmings just because some bridal mag says they should or just because that’s what everyone else has done. Couples-to-be are starting to think for themselves more and are keen to do it their own way.

Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas

1. Choose a venue close to home – you’ll not only save on transport but will cut the costs and carbon footprint of your guests too. When you’re choosing a venue, the same principles for choosing eco-friendly accommodation apply.

2. If you choose to get married overseas opt for an eco-friendly hotel or villa instead of one of those awful mass wedding resorts where newly married couples are tripping over each other. And don’t forget to offset your emissions in whatever way you feel is right.

3. If you’re not keen on a church wedding why not opt for a nearby farm or choose an outside setting that means something special to you both.

4. Buy a second hand dress or get someone to make it for you. Natural fabrics like hemp are a great option. There’s no reason to spend a fortune on your dress. Keep an eye out for dresses at the sales and go for something you might wear again – that’s much nicer than storing it in a box in the attic forever more.

5. Ditch the trimmings – just because every bridal mag stresses the importance of sugared almonds and table settings doesn’t mean you really have to have them. They are a complete waste of money and nobody remembers what you had the next day anyway. Dress the table naturally with flowers bought from the local flower market.

6. When buying flowers never tell them they’re for your wedding because the prices will automatically get hiked through the roof. Do the flower arrangements yourself or enlist the help of a friend to do them.

7. Involve as many friends as possible. People love weddings and love to have a role in a wedding. It makes them feel special and to be truly involved in your day and it’s a great way to show how much you appreciate their friendship.

8. Make sure your chef uses only fresh seasonal and local produce. People always talk about the wedding banquet so give them something to talk about. There’s nearly always food left over from weddings so reuse it the next day or give some to nearby homeless shelters.

9. Get someone you know to make your cake, that way you can ensure it’s organic or Fairtrade. Use Fairtrade and organic tea and coffee with homemade biscuits too.
Choose local wines and recycle all the bottles after use.

10. Instead of a full wedding registry have some charitable options or get your friends and family to give towards your eco honeymoon that way you’ll be sure to be able to afford a responsible holiday. Don’t forget to book through a good eco travel company.

And last but not least, have fun!

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