Have a Green Thanksgiving

Here in the U.S., the big Thanksgiving holiday is coming up on Thursday. It’s the busiest travel time of the year, when everyone is flying home to be with their families. So how do you keep it green?

…Take a train instead of an airplane if that’s a reasonable choice for you.
…Choose local and organic food for your feast (more from the Union of Concerned Scientists).
…Sierra Club offers eco-friendly recipe ideas.

And on the day after, instead of going shopping, consider taking part in Buy Nothing Day. Remember that you weren’t born to shop. Check in your local area for events to mark the day. Here in Rhode Island, it’s celebrated with a free winter-coat exchange on the State House lawn. Have an extra coat you don’t need? Drop it off. Need a coat? Take what you need. Everyone gets their closets cleaned out, and nobody has to be shivering in the cold.