Have you volunteered while traveling?

Without a doubt, during the past years, the eco movement has captured everything in our lives; from the food we eat to the energy we use. Soon enough, traveling followed suit and we started to hear more and more about how to travel responsibly .We already know to re-use our water bottles while we travel, eat the local produce and leave as little traces of our presence in nature as possible.

But have you considered volunteering during your vacation? Especially when you plan a round the world trip and want to spend more time in one place or another, you also have time to give a little back to the world.

It can he hard to decide whether to volunteer or not , especially if you haven’t done this before, but the rewards are worth it. Make sure to deal with the charity directly to avoid the extra hassle and huge fees which agencies charge.

Volunteering – while at home or when traveling – has been criticized by many. I felt that “look” myself back in the years when I was volunteering for a reading project in the cities’ parks in a certain European country. But despite all, volunteering can make an impact, even if you don’t have time for long term commitment. Even if you saved the life of one animal or managed to teach foreign children several phrases in English, you have helped.

But before you want to want to try this, do your research. And remember that local organization won’t always have money to advertise their activities internationally, so it’s hardly like to find them online. Make sure to talk to others who have volunteered while traveling and get information from them.

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