Movie stars are green just like us

Shopping for a private island but can’t decide which unspoiled wilderness to bulldoze? Perhaps you should ask Leo DiCaprio’s opinion at the next Blackadore Caye neighborhood association meeting. DiCaprio purchased a share of the Belize island for about $1 million and is reportedly going to “respect the island’s wildlife and tropical surroundings” by building an ultra-exclusive eco-friendly resort on it.

Although the island is big enough to build an airstrip, there was no word as to whether DiCaprio and the rest of the Hollywood royalty that own the island would be flying directly to their villas or suffering through the hour long boat ride from Belize city.

Admittedly, Leo was eco-friendly before it was trendy and I’m glad it’s him buying the island and not a resort chain, but the whole thing seems about as environmentally friendly as a hybrid SUV.

Full story at Belizelogue.