Australia agrees to the Kyoto Protocol

COP 13What a week it’s turning out to be for my new adopted home country. Finally, Australia has ratified the Kyoto agreement. The new Aussie Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, gave the go ahead at this week’s United Nations Climate Change Summit in Bali to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol only hours after being sworn in.

The Kyoto Protocol is an international environmental treaty recognised by 173 countries with the key objective of reducing greenhouse emissions thought to cause global warming.

This leaves the US as the only developed country not to have signed up to the climate changing policies of the Kyoto agreement.

The previous Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, refused to sign the Kyoto agreement saying that to do so would cut economic growth and cost jobs yet the general populace of Australia are very much against this reasoning. It eventually cost Mr Howard the Premier’s seat.

As travellers, who are more likely to have a wider view of the effects of climate change through visiting countries and then revisiting them, what are your thoughts on climate change? Is there anything you can do to persuade Bush buddy’s administration into signing up to the Kyoto Protocol? Do you think they should?