Organic coffee that lives in your pocket

ripit_dripit_sipit.jpgNext time you hit the road, you don’t have to worry about missing your caffeine fix, or being stuck with weak watery joe from the gas station. Java Juice comes concentrated in tiny packets that you can keep anywhere and take everywhere. Tear it open, mix it with some hot water (or cold for ice coffee), drink. Handy for hikers, bikers, and backpackers, because there’s no filter or coffee grounds to dispose of. The packet folds up like a gun wrapper for packing out.

“When you are using Java Juice, you are contributing to an entirely sustainable model for agriculture, the environment and commerce,” say the JJ folks. “The farmers who grow coffee for Java Juice are paid a fair trade price for their organic and shade-grown beans, the manufacturing processes are energy efficient, recycling as much bio-mass as possible, and the final packaging is designed for absolute minimum waste.” The packaging won’t crush in your backpack or rupture on a mountaintop, they say.

You can buy it online for about a buck a cup.