Smartshield’s Eco-Friendly, Once-a-Day Sunscreen

Smartshield – Serious sun protection that’s kind to your skin and the environment.
Buy here: $10.99

Sunbathing, for many, goes hand-in-hand with travelling but with gaping holes in the ozone it’s all too easy to get frazzled in a short space of time resulting in scorched butts and unsightly tan lines.

Of course, staying out of the sun altogether is the best protection but when adventure calls using a high sun protection factor (SPF) is essential, especially for those with fair skin. And with numerous lotions and potions flooding the market it’s difficult to know which cream to go for; people usually go with what suits their skin.

Then there’s all the mess and fuss that comes with having to reapply every few hours or if you’ve been swimming. Most people remember when it’s too late resulting in the infamous lobster look. It’s not pretty.

If you want to avoid the burn, check out Smartshield’s all-singing-all-dancing eco-friendly, one application-a-day sunscreen; it’s oil-free, really light on the skin and waterproof. And although it’s been going since 1995 it’s worth the plug because not only is it a once-a-day application, it’s completely biodegradable and safe for marine life.