Sustainability is the New Black

Eco Fashion label Livity Outernational has collaborated with Californian-based lifestyle brand Boosted to present a fab new range of limited-edition, sustainable accessories.

Using organic materials like natural raffia straw, organic cotton, recycled plastics and hemp, designers have created something different for today’s eco-conscious traveller.

The two companies recognise youth culture is changing and that there is a big demand for environmentally friendly products, even in fashion. Livity Outernational have been committed to spreading the awareness of sustainability since their inception and use the fashion/streetwear markets to achieve their goal.

Livity’s Founder, Isaac Nichelson, said, “Livity Outernational has been promoting sustainability, and pioneering the use of environmentally-friendly materials in the construction of all of its products since 2001.

“In order to lessen the overall environmental impact and carbon footprint created by fashion accessory products, everything Livity makes is bio-degradable or recyclable.”

Even their name has eco connotations – Livity, means to lead a truly free and positive lifestyle and Outernational is looking at the world with respect for diversity of culture without borders. Their intention is to help start a Positive Creative Revolution and are excited about the collaboration with Boosted, which will help to get their message across.

Boosted specialise in creating mobile products for a lifestyle that so many have adopted and bought into and now have a brand that is heavily influenced by art, music and pop culture. They regularly employ original artists to offer one-off designs and together with Livity Outernational introduce the new Boost x Livity products:

Boost x Livity Hip Bag, $59.99

It’s difficult to recommend bum bags, or fanny packs as they call them stateside. Even those who aren’t regular Vogue readers know that these questionable bags should have been left in the 80s where they belong. However, they appear to be popular still with one or two travellers – which is fine, if you’re sure no one will get photographic evidence.

Boost x Livity Messenger Bag, $64.99

The nicely styled Messenger Bag makes up for the hip bag fashion faux-pas and like all Boost x Livity products, comes in three different designs; Gina Print, Mosaic print and Solid Brown.

Boost x Livity Device Case, XL $49.99, L 34.99

The Device Case is multi-functional and will take most mobile phones, MP3 players and Blackberries. They are made from pure organic cotton canvas and trimmed with binding made from recycled plastic water bottles. The case can also attach to both the Hip Bag and Messenger Bag.

The limited edition collections are available now through