The Greenest Blue

wind_green_electricity_234427_l.jpgAquacity named the World’s Leading Green Resort

In the inaugural year of a “Green” Category at the World Travel Awards, Slovakia’s Aquacity Resort brought home the top prize for an eco-tourism destination.
Aquacity’s ultra-violet purification system allow it to use less than 10% of the normal amount of chlorine and its geothermal heating system reduces both Aquacity’s heating bill and the environmental impact of operating the resort.

Aquacity claims to be “virtually carbon-neutral,” with plans to be completely self-sufficient by the end of 2007. The resort features an interconnected series of pools and slides and throws a poolside party every night.

East Midland Airport in the UK also earned some recognition at the event, receiving the award for the world’s most environmentally friendly airport. East Midland’s wind-turbine proposal to generate 10 percent of electricity onsite (, a new eco-friendly pier and commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2012 earned votes from the pool of travel agents and travel professionals who voted on the award.

Travel agents world-wide were allowed to vote for the Green Category, which included awards for Silverjet as the World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company (their advertisements probably didn’t hurt), for Tobago Main Ridge Rain Forest in Trinidad and Tobago as the World’s Leading Green Destination, and Responsible Travel for the World’s Leading Responsible Tourism Website That’s Not Eco-Travel Logue (not that we’re bitter).