Over the water, fuel-free


There’s at least one way we know to travel around the world without burning fuel, and that’s to sail. Small boats also can be paddled, solar-powered, pulled along by kites, and even driven by foot-pedals. This Sunday, such vessels will congregate at The Broads Green Boat Show. The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads is Britain’s largest protected wetland, with the status of a national park.

The green boats, all of them silent and emissions-free, will be on display and giving try-outs. A free electrically powered water taxi will run all day. The new, 17-foot Winsome pedal boat will make its debut. This unique boat offers a fun, relaxing and eco-friendly way to explore rivers, canals, city docklands and estuaries. “The crew sit opposite one another (in sociable fashion) with their hands free so they can chat, sip champagne (or a flask of hot soup in winter!), take photographs or simply watch the world glide by,” says the Swallow Boats Web site.