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bootsnall-tours.jpgMany years ago booking a holiday was simple; you went to the travel agent’s office, collected far too many colourful brochures on far too many places, sat browsing through them for hours, always dreaming of the destinations you couldn’t afford and wondering what five-star hotels looked like from the inside. Then, once you and your family or friends had passed them around to see if the choice was unanimous you’d go back to your trusted travel agent and book the holiday, always just leaving a deposit and paying the rest in installments.

Then someone invented in the internet and the process of booking a holiday changed forever.

Now, although it should be oh-so-much-easier, it’s not always. The internet is flooded with ideas and agents and if you’re anything like me you’ll spend so much time scouring the interminable possibilities that it seems pulling your own teeth out would be simpler than actually making a decision.

But never fear, dear eco travellers, for Ecotourism Logue is here. As your one-stop guide to ecotourism and travel it seems only fair that we offer some guidance to make the whole process much less painful.

Read Ecotourism Logue’s top tips on finding a reputable eco travel company.

Helpful websites:

BootsnAll Small Adventure Tours
BootsnAll specialise in small group tours and offer a range of different types of exclusive packages that are laid on only a few times a year so traveller’s impact on the areas visited is kept to a minimum.

This not-for-profit organisation offers hands-on conservation volunteer work expeditions as an adventure with a purpose for everyone.

This is the green travel guide and online directory of places to stay which are environmentally friendly.

Eco Reservations
All accommodations on this website are guaranteed to be environmentally responsible and are listed with a green profile so you can see all their eco credentials.

Green Spa Network
Spas listed with Green Spa pledge to reduce their environmental footprint as a top priority.

Global Student Experience Abroad
GSEAbroad offers US students the chance to study abroad while cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation of the host country and its customs.

The Good Travel Company
Let the Good Travel Company plan your complete eco trip, from green transport options to eco-friendly accommodations.

The Man in Seat Sixty-One
One man’s journey encouraging people to travel by train and sea rather than by air.

Tribes Travel
An independent Fair Trade travel company.